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17th Street Automotive (the “Facility”) currently offers its customers a 36-month/36,000-mile parts and labor nationwide warranty on qualifying repairs and services, which is part of the Facility’s partnership with NAPA AutoCare, Advance Auto TechNet, AutoZone ProVantage thus honored at thousands of Vendors Sponsored Centers nationwide. This document describes a different and additional extended/lifetime warranty offered by the Facility at no extra charge to the customer, but which is only honored at the Facility’s existing locations in Virginia Beach. 


What Is Covered? 


This warranty covers eligible repairs to the attached repair order performed by the Facility (not by other shops), contingent upon the customer hereafter having the Facility periodically (a MINIMUM of TWO visits with the repair facility ANNUALLY) inspect the parts installed on the vehicle and perform ongoing routine maintenance on the vehicle in accordance with the recommended maintenance schedules per manufacturer (see below for more details). There is no charge for periodic visual inspections of the repair performed, but the cost of the normal ongoing maintenance (i.e., oil changes, tire rotations, routine fluid maintenance) is NOT covered by the warranty, and is the responsibility of the customer at their expense, and failure to follow the Facility’s maintenance schedule, or having other shops perform the ongoing maintenance, WILL VOID the lifetime warranty coverage.  


Examples of covered repairs include oil pump, water pump, power steering pump, fuel pump, alternator, ball joint, tie rod, wheel bearings, hoses, actuators, AC compressor, AC condenser, heater/EVAP core, blower motor, brake caliper, door latch,  ignition coils, tensioners, pulleys, ERG valve, axle shaft, electronic modules, radiator, purge valve, EVAP canister, seals, differentials, and gaskets.   


What Is Not Covered? 


This warranty only covers repairs to work previously performed by the Facility documented in the repair order. All warranty work must be performed by the Facility and cannot exceed the amount of the original repair, anything over will be customer’s responsibility. This is a warranty for the cost of the PARTS, NOT THE LABOR (we must be able pay our skilled technicians) 


 This warranty is NOT transferable, and is thus only usable by the owner of the vehicle at the time of initial work/repair order (R.O). The warranty will also be voided if the vehicle has beenmodified after theinitial work/R.O., or if there are signs of abuse or neglect of the vehicle which caused or contributed to part failure. This warranty cannot be used formodified, salvage, flooded, fleet, or commercial vehicles.  


Specific exclusions from this warranty includes tires, pads, rotors, spark plugs, all filters, wipers, shocks/struts, batteries, belts, fluids, fluid services, interior and exterior bulbs, and any other service deemed as MAINTENANCE. Engine and Transmission replacement are NOT covered by this warranty, but both may have their own separate individual Jasper Premium Warranties based on mileage and/or months, and which can vary per transmission and/or engine. (https://qms.jasperengines.com/warranty.asp) 


17th Street Automotive DOES NOT warranty any USED parts or any customer SUPPLIED parts. 


Maintenance Schedule 


The following is the current recommended maintenance schedule referenced above: 




Oil Change (synth-blend) 3,000 miles 

Oil Change (full synth) 5,000 miles 

Tire Rotation 6,000 miles 

Fuel System Service 15,000 miles 

Coolant Service 30,000 miles 

Transmission Service 30,000 miles 

Drive Line Service 30,000 miles 

Brake System Service 30,000 miles 

Tire Balance annually 

Alignment annually 

Tune Up (spark plugs)           OEM interval 

Normal Service Table             OEM interval 




Other Legal Terms & Conditions 


The terms of this warranty will be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, without regard to conflict of law principles. Any litigation initiated in relation to this warranty must be filed with the Better Business Bureau, General District Court or Circuit Court of the City of Virginia Beach, Virginia. The Facility’s maximum liability under this warranty is limited to the cost of the original work being repaired, and in no event shall the Facility be liable for special, punitive, or consequential damages