Save Money & Time: 17th Street Automotive - Your Trusted Alternative to the Dealership

Taking your vehicle to 17th Street Automotive for service, repair, maintenance, and diagnostics comes with a multitude of benefits, not just for your car but for the community and beyond. Here's why choosing us over a dealership is a decision you can feel good about, on multiple levels:

Pros of Choosing 17th Street Automotive:

1. **Community Support**: We're more than just an auto shop. By choosing us, you're indirectly contributing to the well-being of first responders, military families, tourists in distress, and local community programs. We're actively involved in food collection for homeless shelters, churches, and sending aid like toys and clothes to third-world countries.
2. **Collaboration and Local Growth**: We work alongside other small businesses, fostering a strong local economy and community spirit.
3. **State-of-the-Art Tools & Equipment**: Our shop is equipped with the latest technology to handle nearly every year, make, and model, including hybrids and electric vehicles.
4. **Continuous Learning**: We're always upgrading our skills through certificates and attending both in-person and online classes/training to stay ahead of automotive innovations.
5. **Cleanliness and Organization**: Our shop is a testament to our professionalism, maintained in pristine condition which reflects in the quality of our work.
6. **Investment in Art and Culture**: With murals dedicated to firefighters and more, our shop is a place that uplifts and celebrates community heroes, adding a unique aspect to your service experience.
7. **High Customer Satisfaction**: Our 4.7-star reviews testify to our commitment to quality service and customer care.
8. **NAPA Gold Warranty**: Our 3-year/36k mile warranty surpasses many dealership offers, providing you peace of mind with every service.
9. **Exceptional Staff**: Our team isn't just technically proficient; they're friendly, transparent, and dedicated to providing the best service possible.

### Cons of Choosing a Dealership:

1. **Impersonal Service**: Dealerships often lack the personal touch and community involvement that make a local shop like ours special.
2. **Higher Costs**: Dealership services can come with a premium price tag, without necessarily delivering higher quality.
3. **Limited Flexibility**: Dealerships might not have the versatility to work on as wide a range of vehicle models or invest in community and cultural initiatives.
4. **Extended Wait Times**: You might find yourself facing longer wait times for appointments and services, along with less communication and transparency throughout the repair process.

By choosing 17th Street Automotive, you're not just getting top-tier automotive care; you're supporting a business that gives back to the community, values education and continuous improvement, and prioritizes customer satisfaction and transparency above all. 

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Opt for 17th Street Automotive and be a part of something bigger than just car repair. Your choice makes a difference.