How Healthy is Your Car?

Get Your Vehicle 99.999% Disinfected with VitalOxide logo!

VitalOxide is a powerhouse germ killer, while at the same time being gentle, fragrance-free, and safe to use around kids and pets. 

Car Disinfection - VitalOxide

EPA Registered Hosptial-Grade Disinfectant (EPA #82972-1)
EPA approved to KILL Sars-CoV-2 the coronavirus that causes COVID19.

Our FogMaster gun reached where you can't. (intake vents, under seats, every nook & cranny!)

Effective against a wide range of viruses and bacteria. 
Equally important Vital Oxide will not promote the growth of drug-resistant superbugs. 
Safe for use on treated articles: carpeting, fab rics, flooring, and fre quently touched surfaces.
Prevention of regrowth of microbes and fungi. 

10-minute treatment while you wait!

$29.00/Vehicle            Certified Protection with VitalOxide