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Original article link: When an appliance or equipment around the house or in your garage breaks, the first question is whether it can be fixed or if it has to be scrapped. Most of the time a broken part can be fixed, but the process may be tough depending on how the product was designed. There’s a lot of talk in consumer reports and family kitchens about fixing mobile phones, laptop computers, even smart appliances that all seem designed to be as difficult to repair as possible, especially without certain key tools or information from the manufacturer. Vehicle repairs are no different, and the struggle for vehicle owners and  independent repair facilities has reached into the digital age. WHAT IS RIGHT TO REPAIR? “Right to Repair” is the generic term given to include several different initiatives over the years. The idea is that vehicle owners and independent vehicle repair ... read more

Why Do Car Batteries Need To Be Managed With Diagnostic Tools?

Battery Health Assessment: Diagnostic tools help assess the health and condition of the car battery. They can measure the battery's voltage, current, and internal resistance to determine if it is functioning properly or if it is nearing the end of its life. This information is crucial in identifying potential battery issues and taking preventive measures. Fault Detection: Diagnostic tools can detect faults or malfunctions in the charging system, such as a faulty alternator or voltage regulator. These issues can cause the battery to be undercharged or overcharged, leading to premature battery failure. By identifying faults early on, the necessary repairs can be made, preventing further damage to the battery and other electrical components. Parasitic Drain Detection: Sometimes, certain electrical components or systems in a car can draw power from the battery even when the car is turned off. This parasitic drain can gradually deplete the battery and leave it unable to start the vehi ... read more

Reprogramming and configuring as built code importance

Reprogramming and configuring as built code importance

To correct errors in the original code. As built code is written by humans, and as such, it is not always perfect. There may be errors in the code that can cause problems with the vehicle. Reprogramming the code can correct these errors and improve the performance of the vehicle. To update the code to reflect changes in the vehicle. As vehicles are updated with new features, the as built code may need to be updated as well. This is to ensure that the vehicle's features work properly and that the vehicle is compliant with the latest regulations. To enable new features. Sometimes, new features can be enabled by reprogramming the as built code. This is a common practice for enabling features that are not available in the vehicle's original configuration. To troubleshoot problems. If a vehicle is experiencing problems, reprogramming the as built code can sometimes help to troubleshoot the problem. This is because the code can provide information about the vehicle's operation ... read more

Why is it important that your auto repair shop keep up with latest tools/technology, ongoing in person or online training, certifications/licenses and up to date tools and equipment

Keeping up with the latest tools, technology, training, certifications, and equipment in an auto repair shop is crucial for several reasons:   1. Changing Technology: The automotive industry is continually evolving, with new technologies being developed and implemented in vehicles all the time. This includes advancements in electric and hybrid vehicles, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), onboard diagnostics, and more. To effectively diagnose and repair these vehicles, mechanics need the latest tools and equipment, as well as an understanding of the technology involved.   2. Quality of Service: Staying updated ensures the auto repair shop can provide the best possible service. Modern diagnostic tools can quickly identify problems that would have taken much longer to diagnose manually. This leads to more accurate repairs, improved customer satisfaction, and a better reputation for the shop.   3. Efficiency and Productivity: Updated tools and equipment improve ... read more

Difference between Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Hybrid and electric vehicles are two types of vehicles that use different technologies for their propulsion. Here are the main differences:   1. Hybrid Vehicles:   Hybrid vehicles use a combination of an internal combustion engine (ICE) and one or more electric motors. There are three main types of hybrids:   Parallel Hybrid: The most common type, where the vehicle can be powered by the ICE, the electric motor, or both. The electric motor assists the engine when more power is needed, such as in acceleration. The battery gets recharged through regenerative braking and by the engine.   Series Hybrid: In this type, the ICE doesn't directly power the vehicle. Instead, it charges the battery which powers the electric motor, which in turn drives the vehicle.   Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs): These vehicles can be plugged into an external power source to charge the battery. They can run on electricity alone for a limited range before the ICE ki ... read more