Toyota 4x4 rear axle seal and bearing replacement done right!

Visualize a clean, modern automotive workshop environment with a Toyota car lifted on a hoist in the center, signifying the focus on Toyota vehicles. The workshop is branded with "17th Street Automotive" signage, showcasing a professional and trustworthy image. In the foreground, a mechanic with a friendly demeanor is working on replacing the rear wheel bearing and seals of the Toyota, demonstrating expertise and attention to detail. The mechanic is equipped with high-quality tools and parts, emphasizing the quality of service and parts used. Include a text overlay on the top or side of the image that reads, "Specialized in Toyota Rear Wheel Bearing and Seals Replacement." Below that, add another line stating, "Experience Seamless Driving with 17th Street Automotive – Your Trusted Partner." The overall atmosphere of the advertisement should convey a sense of reliability, professionalism, and customer-focused service. The color scheme should be inviting and align with the branding colors of 17th Street Automotive, which are blue and white, to maintain brand consistency.